Christmas Starts Today!

It’s been feeling a lot like Christmas. Yesterday I had to run some errands which brought me into two major retail stores. Both Walmart and Costco have already set up their holiday displays. So what about Halloween? What about Thanksgiving?

Then this morning it was kind of cold in the house so I had to get a fire going in the wood stove to warm everything up. As I was going through my normal routine I started getting that “Christmas feeling.” Anyone who loves Christmas as much as I do will understand!

Here is a Christmas carol playlist if you’re in the mood:


But then I looked at the calendar… It’s only September 21st.

Why does it seem as if time is flying by? Maybe it’s just been the stress of 2020. I talk to people all day long and most people I meet agree that this has been one of the most difficult years of their life… I agree!

We have been wadding thorough this never ending swamp of issues since early in the year. It’s almost as if the new year brought a whole mess of junk. I am working through problems and issues I never thought I would be dealing with. God has been good!

So with a little more than three months to go until we wave goodbye to 2020 my New Years resolution is going to start a little early. Right now… today… everyday for the rest of my life I choose to be a light in a dark world! I prayed this morning that I could be a life changer. That God would use me to be a leader for Him in my small sphere of influence in this crazy world. Will you join me?

Maybe we can all work together to live like it’s Christ’s birthday everyday and carry that attitude into everything we do and say and think.

In case you might be wondering there is only 94 more days ( until the most wonderful time of the year!

God Bless,

Michael at R2W



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