Time’s Not Waiting

As I glance at the clock in front of me, I am reminded that time doesn’t stop. It continues to

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creep forward no matter what you do or fail to do. It is an impersonal reality that you can either master or serve. Remember this though: THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Are you moving with it or are you stuck? Are you stuck in the past with regrets of mistakes or things left undone?. Are you stuck in the present with fear of the future? Make a choice: GET UNSTUCK!. A life of self-sufficient living requires you to become the master of your time. You are, after all, trying to fire society as your source of dependence. The only way to do that is to become an efficient user of the hours in front of you. Get unstuck: DO SOMETHING NOW!

Don’t let the next hour pass without you doing something to move you closer to your objective of freedom and independence. Now will be gone before you know it. Your chance to do something will fade into the past:


God Bless!

-Michael at R2W

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