January 18, 2021

Disciplined Saving & Investing 

It’s time to tackle a very troubling habit that we as a society engage in.  It causes us much uncertainty and

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sometimes a great deal of stress.  I am talking about a lack of savings and investing.  “If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.”cxxxii 

The instant gratification that we get from buying “stuff” causes us to fall far short of any savings or investing that we need to live a successful life.  Let’s first look at the facts:  As a society we actually have a negative saving rate.  That means we spend more than we make.  I did some research and found the following information.  In Japan, people on average save 27% of their income.  Here in the United States, that amount is actually negative.  Our average net worth is around negative nine thousand dollars. 


Photo by Thiago Matos on Pexels.com

None of us really know what we’re doing… Let’s stop pretending we do.

We are all in uncharted territory.

Broken people can heal together.

God created community for a reason.

God Bless

Michael at R2W

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