Who Do You Want To Be? 

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It’s a great question, but so few people have actually thought much about the answer.  It’s easy to avoid this topic, especially if you have been caught up in the world’s version of success.  You have probably been too busy to think this through logically but you can now. 

Answer this question now.  Don’t just write: I want to be a good person or a better spouse or a better parent.  Describe your life in detail.  Look at every facet of your life.  Write about your relationships, finances, health, spirituality and any other area of your life that you would like to change or improve.  Why are you doing this?  Because you become what you think about.  The Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelius said, “A man’s life is what his thought makes of it.” 

A person who is constantly thinking about living successfully and has a clear vision of who they want to be and what they want to do will become that vision, because that is what they are focusing on.  These people will have peace, serenity, happiness, success and love in their lives.  A person who is constantly thinking about living in failure and does not have a clear vision will fail to live successfully.  These people will live with constant fear, worry, turmoil, anger and confusion.  If you spend your time thinking about nothing, you will become nothing.

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Going back in human history, something was lost along the way.  We, as humans, are no longer living the way we were intended to.  We were not supposed to bury ourselves in busyness, hoping that if we just had more money, everything would be great.  No, we were meant for a life of fulfillment.  We each have a purpose and a plan that was created especially for us.  It is our job to figure out what that purpose and plan is.  That is what will fit into our lives; it will give us all of the success we want and need. 

As you begin this journey, you may feel awkward and maybe even a little uncomfortable; that’s okay.  You are just beginning to awaken the real you.  The you that has been buried under layers of programming you have been receiving your entire life.  That feeling will fade as you get used to living your new life.  It will soon be replaced by a feeling of peace, serenity and happiness that you never realized you could experience.   

As you change and begin to experience real success, you may encounter resistance.  In some cases, this resistance may come from the people closest to you.  Just remember these words, “if you change something and no one gets upset then you just changed something that doesn’t matter.”xii  You are changing something very important…YOU!  The changes are for the better but people you know will get uncomfortable.  Just keep moving forward and maybe one day you will be able to help them make the changes they need to make. 

God Bless

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