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Your body needs rest!  The “experts” recommend six to eight hours a night.  I recommend whatever your body needs.  It has become a “badge of honor” in our society to push yourself beyond your limits.  I hear people boasting all of the time about their lack of sleep and I can’t help but think to myself how foolish they are.  Your body needs sleep.  Your mind needs sleep. 

I understand that there may be times in the short term, when you may have to put in some extra work time or emergencies may develop which prevent you from getting a good night sleep, but they should be the exception.  Take care of whatever pressing issue is at hand and get yourself back on a normal sleep schedule. 

I know that I sometimes experience periods where I cannot fall asleep.  These periods may be caused by stress or worry; we all experience them; if they last more than a couple of days though I must find a solution.  Usually, for me, deep breathing exercises do the trick. 

Sleep helps our bodies recover from the stress of work and exercise.  It also helps the mind process the information it has received throughout the day.  It helps the immune system fight off sickness and disease.  Adequate sleep will help you achieve peace and balance in your life.  You need to make sure you are getting enough rest.  Don’t let others keep you from a good night’s sleep by the promise of “excitement.” 

To make sure you are getting enough rest, find a time when you can go to bed without putting on the alarm clock, then just sleep until you wake up.  Figure out how long you slept; that is probably the amount of time you need.  Going forward, learn to get to bed early enough so that you don’t need to be woken up by an alarm.  If you are worried about oversleeping, just set the alarm for a later time, just in case you oversleep. 

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