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There are many different types of people and therefore many different personalities.  There are people who are social and people who are not.  One thing that everyone has in common is our need to communicate.  The ability to communicate effectively is necessary for almost every endeavor in life.  We, as a society, have lost that vital skill and it’s about time we learned how to get it back.

When I refer to communication, I am not referring to today’s constant barrage of social media messages, emails, text messages, instant messages, advertisements or anything like that.  I am talking about real communication.  The kind of communication, where what you say or do, don’t say or don’t do, affects you or those around you.  

We will discuss communication with others, communication with God and communication with yourself.  So whether you are a completely extroverted party animal with millions of friends or a quiet introverted person who enjoys solitude, you will become better at this very important skill.  

Some of the types of communication discussed may not apply to you directly, but they may in the future.  It may also be nice to know the information in order to help someone else.  For instance, when we discuss relationships with your children, you may not have children and have no plans to have any.  It may still interest you to familiarize yourself with this section, in the event that you may have the opportunity to help a friend who has children.  Regardless, I suggest you go through all of the material in this principle, even if you don’t think it applies directly to you; some things may be mentioned in this Principle that aren’t mentioned anywhere else in the other Principles and you may find that this particular insight helps you in your other relationships.  

There are some suggestions I want to discuss before delving into the Principle Of Communication and the various people you may come into contact with on a regular basis.  I have these general suggestions for communication which apply to communication with all people.  Once we have laid a foundation, we will look at specific situations such as communication between spouses and other members of your family.

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