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It is my belief that any program of success would be incomplete without a discussion about money and finances or more commonly referred to, as economics.  I am not including this principle because money is a measure of success, but because if we learn to manage and use our money correctly, we can do so much good with it for ourselves, the people in our lives and the world around us.  

Many people wrongly equate having a lot of money with being successful. I can point out many people who have more money than they can ever possibly spend in a lifetime, but their life is a complete mess.  I can also look at many people who have no money at all, but are extremely successful in every other area of their lives.  These are the extremes of course and there is a balance.  By practicing and learning about this principle, as well as the other principles in this program, I am sure you will strike a balance.  In fact, I am bold enough and confident enough to claim that you should and could have all the money that you need and want.

I am going to give you a very short economics lesson.  Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the unnecessary complication.  In fact, the entire lesson will be no more than a few short paragraphs.

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