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If there is anything the past few years has taught me, it is the importance of being prepared.

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Since 2018 my family has experienced several blizzards, a micro-burst and other severe weather related events. These situations have caused disruptions in our everyday lives; in many cases for at least a week or more. We have weathered each storm and have learned many lessons. It’s important to learn from each event. What did you do right? What did you do wrong?

Let’s fast forward to the beginning of 2020. Last year we saw our share of turmoil here in Southern New England. Since January of last year, we have had ice storms and a hurricane. We are seeing events occur that I never thought would take place. We are in the middle of a pandemic where the government can take away your most basic rights and freedoms. It doesn’t seem right but they are doing it. We are seeing social unrest and political upheaval. Yes, the future should be interesting.

All of this uncertainty has made me more aware than ever before about the importance of having a plan. In past instances We have done ok; but we can do better.

Think the worst is over? Maybe… I hope so. I don’t know.

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Proverbs 27:1 says: (NIV) 27 Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring. It is so true!

To those who say “it can’t happen” or “won’t happen.” Let me ask you a question: did you ever thank your elected officials would strip you of your basic freedoms and tell you how you must live your life? I didn’t!

So, what’s the answer? It’s being prepared. I don’t know what tomorrow my bring…neither do you.

I am taking steps to live without being dependent upon society. I will share my lessons here as I go. Maybe we can learn together, I want to be clear… I’m not dropping out of society. That’s not in God’s command in Matthew 28:19-20. I would like to show others a better way to live though… depending on God not government.

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