Today I Got Wet

That’s right… you read that right. Today I got wet and it changed my life!

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I checked the weather before I left the house this morning. I saw lots of clouds but no rain drops. Sometimes I need to remember that I live in Connecticut, a place where the forecast is never very accurate. In fact, the weather sometimes changes from hour to hour.

I got dressed, packed my gym clothes and headed out the door. I attend an early morning group of like-minded people who are concerned about their spiritual growth but that’s a story for another day.

During the course of our meeting the topic turned toward gratitude and how there is good in nearly everything. Yes, I get that! My life has taken remarkable turns for the good in the years since I began attending this morning meeting… I am grateful! Life is good! I hung around for a bit and talked to several people when the meeting was over. Then I headed towards the gym.

As I pulled into the parking lot of the gym the rain began. More than rain though, it was as if

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the great flood began. I was mad. Why couldn’t the rain hold off for 2 minutes? Oh God why me?

It was then that He gently but firmly turned my attention to all of the times I walk into the gym with no rain. Almost always. I can focus on that, if I choose. I think I will!

Think God was trying to teach me a lesson? I do!

Many times it’s in the way we view a circumstance rather than the circumstance itself that makes all the difference.

God Bless!

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