Two Forces That Work Together 


There are two major forces that work together to shape your overall health and well-being.  These forces, applied separately, will not have the same effect as when you get them both working in your life.  They are the forces of diet and exercise.  I will talk about each one individually later.  For now, I need to stress the point that for optimum health, it is important to focus on both of these. 

Diet and exercise rely on synergy, where the whole, in this case diet and exercise, is greater than the sum of the parts.  This simply means that the effect of these two forces together, is greater than if each of them were undertaken separately. 

I know many people, and I am sure you do to, who have tried to incorporate either one of these into their lives without the other.  The usual result is frustration and eventual loss of motivation and momentum.  People who exercise, without a proper diet or focus on nutrition, will simply find that they do not have the energy to continue with their exercise program.  People, who try to diet without an exercise program, will find themselves frustrated and usually return to their old eating habits.  In both cases, the inability to continue with the healthy lifestyle change is caused by not incorporating both diet and exercise simultaneously. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Combine these two together and you create a lifestyle that will help you get through your day and fuel your vision.  These two things enhance your desire to get healthy.  I believe that they feed off of each other.  It’s quite obvious that if you start to make wise decisions about your diet, it becomes easier to make wise decisions about exercise.  It is also true in reverse; if you are making wise choices with regard to exercise, you will find it easier to make wise decisions that enhance your diet. 

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