Generosity’s Starting Point 

Generosity is a characteristic that will always lead to success, in every area of your life.  Like

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anything worth having though, it must be strengthened and developed every day.  When you learn to give of your time, talent, energy and money, you will begin to experience success in all areas of your life. 

A good place to start being generous is with yourself.  Many people don’t realize this, but if you can’t be nice to yourself, how are you going to develop the quality of generosity that brings value to everyone else?  Practice giving yourself more time to relax, or buy yourself something nice when you have achieved an objective that you have set.  Practice developing the self-worth necessary to accept these gifts for yourself without feeling guilty.  Simply allow yourself to receive from others, yourself and God.  Once you are able to give to yourself, you become better equipped to handle the challenge that learning to be generous with others creates.

Your ability to be generous is directly related to knowing your direction in life and whether you are successful or not.  You must know where you’re headed and why.  I have found that someone who is not generating success will not be a very generous giver.  If they’re not sure where they may end up in twenty years, they will not share their time, talent, energy and money.  They will fear running out of these assets in the future.

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