The Truth About Health

For now, let’s look at some possibly hard truths. If you are not taking care of your own physical health, then you are unable to care for or help other people.  It is probably about time you put down the Big Mac and milkshake, bought yourself a nice pair of running or hiking shoes and just realize what you may be missing out on by ignoring your health for so long. 

It is possible that you have grown to hate or reject physical exercise or the planning necessary to eat a proper diet.  If you allow it to be, it can be fun!  You have simply been programmed into believing that it was something you must do, rather than believing that it is something that you choose to do.  Beginning an exercise program and beginning to follow a healthy diet will help change all of your attitudes about healthy living and it will make you better able to start living your own healthy lifestyle. 

I am talking about simple changes you can make to improve your quality of life.  I would just like to caution you, if you haven’t been paying attention, that the health industry is loaded with scams.  Just know that you can’t have “great abs” by just working out for 3 minutes a day and there is no magic food that will melt away those extra pounds.  Also, there are many well-meaning but misguided experts.  Remember what was said in other principles about experts; they complicate things.  Some of the experts you may encounter in your quest for better health include: 

  1. Doctors – I am sure that the vast majority of doctors out there have good intentions; the truth is that most doctors don’t have the foggiest idea about staying healthy.  In medical school, they learn about sickness and disease, not about staying healthy. 
  1. Personal Trainers – Sometimes, when I am at the gym working out, I watch the people who are being “trained.”  Some of these trainers have their clients doing some pretty wacky things in the name of getting healthy and fit.  I am not saying that all personal trainers do this; I am simply stating some of what I have observed.  The truth is, there are many good ones; the further truth is, that you don’t need them to get and stay healthy.  What you do need is the desire; no personal trainer can give or teach you that. 
  1. Nutritionists – I have heard some pretty strong claims from this group of “professionals,” many of which are false.  All you need to do is look at the diet trends that come and go to get a sense of the nutrition industry.  They are taking the simple and complicating it.  Again, I am sure that many nutritionists are fine people, but you don’t need them.  By following this program, you will be taught a sensible way to eat that works!  You will make your own decisions based on logic and your body. 
  1. Pharmaceutical Companies – Simply read the small print in an advertisement for just about any medication; the cure is usually worse than the existing problem if you take into account the side effects of many prescription drugs.  Again, they are probably very nice people, but they know very little about health. 
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The point that I am trying to make is that you need to make your own decisions about your own health.  You need to develop a sensible plan for exercising, eating and staying healthy and then stick to that plan.  Since the dawn of time, fears associated with sickness as well as getting and staying healthy have plagued most people.  Don’t fall into that trap.  Take care of yourself now and you will not become a victim of the modern “snake oil” salesmen.  There are so many other benefits to becoming and staying healthy and I will cover them here, but as with everything else, it is up to you to act. 

God Bless

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