Some Suggestions About Boundaries

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The next suggestion I have is to learn to set clear boundaries with people.  All too often in our relationships, or even in society, we generally fail to set boundaries and because of this we develop resentments.  This can cause us to treat others badly; not just the one who is asking us to do more than we want or can, but everyone in general. 

You are not a super hero, nor should you want to be; don’t try to do everything that is asked of you just to please other people.  A good rule to live by, when asked to do something more than you want to or are willing to do, is to ask yourself how it will affect you or your family.  For instance, if you are constantly being asked to work overtime at your job and the time you spend with your kids is suffering, you need to start saying no to the extra work load!  It will get easier as you get used to it.  I am not talking about the times when others really need your help; such as if your friend is moving and he asks you to join his moving crew as a favor or about emergencies that require your attention.  It’s more about the demands that are recurring that don’t fit into your lifestyle.  This will become easier and you will become better at determining what to say no to as you continue to practice this program.  You will also be able to tell when someone genuinely needs your help too. 

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