Change Your Motivation

It has been said, “Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint.”ii  I think this truth has been lost in the world today.  People run around trying to accumulate things.  They work long hours in an effort to get more stuff.  They sacrifice time spent with family and friends to feel successful.  What is the fruit of all this materialism?  Everywhere marriages are falling apart; children who never get the benefit of a relationship with their parents, and emptiness and despair as people reach for more of everything.  If your only motivation for trying is to make more money and accumulate more stuff, you need to make some hard choices.  Is that what you really want?  Is something telling you that there is more than what you are currently seeking?  Will more money and stuff really make you happy?  You already know the answers to these questions.  The irony to all of this is, that once you stop the full-on pursuit of money and material possessions, and once you move money down to the bottom of your list of priorities, you will begin to experience true wealth, abundance and success.  It is here that money will begin to flow into your life.  Yes, you will have to put in an honest effort and a fair day’s work, but that’s all you need to do.  The rest just happens.    Also, learn to do things without the thought of getting anything back.  Volunteer your time, energy and talents to make the lives of everyone you know better.  By doing this, you are teaching your brain that there is more than enough time, energy and talents to go around.  Your faith will grow and you will know that you have abundance in all areas of your life.  I am reminded of an experience I had many years ago.  I was sitting outside of a toy store about four weeks before Christmas.  I remember it was snowing and cold.  This particular year I had a very hard time financially.  I had lost my job over the summer and had not been able to find any work.  I had recently bought a house and committed myself to other obligations.  I was deciding whether I was going to go in the toy store to do my yearly shopping for Toys-for-Tots.  I had donated to this organization every year since I could remember.  This year was different though; I only had a very small amount of my usual household income coming in each month.  I was falling short on my bills and using my savings to cover the difference.  I was nervous about the finances, but my hearts told me to give.  How would I do it since I had no extra money?  I’ll tell you what I did.  I drained a savings account and used that money for the toys.  Want to know something?  I was okay.  I was better than okay.  God made sure of it. In spite of the struggles since the night of that all-important decision, God has ALWAYS taken care of me in abundance.  To be honest with you, there have been many times when I have come right down to the moment when I needed Him and He has yet to let me down.  So, I keep right on going. I give of my time, talents, energy and money without the thought of getting anything back.  Michael at R2W

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