Develop A Plan Of Action And Stick To It

Up  this point, I have discussed the reasons why you don’t have the money you need or want in your life.  I am sure that it has been revealing.  Now, let’s start talking about how to get that money flowing in and through your life.  

You spend much of our life chasing after money, usually with little or no success.  The problem is, that you have not equipped or prepared yourself to receive success in this important area of your life.  That is exactly what you will be doing now. 

You must realize, if you do not have the money or financial success you want, it is because you have not equipped or prepared yourself to receive it.  You must develop and stick to an effective plan for creating wealth.  

I have identified ten areas that need to be examined and fixed, where necessary.  These areas need to be focused on in order to bring more money into your life: 

  1. Effective Work 
  2. Cheerful Tithing 
  3. Grateful Receiving 
  4. Disciplined Saving/Investing 
  5. Eliminating Debt 
  6. Wise Decisions 
  7. Material Wants 
  8. Being Content 
  9. Weathering Storms 
  10. Trusting God

I will examine these ten points and help you to develop an effective plan for each of them.  Once you are able to do

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that, it is only a matter of time before you begin to reap the benefits.  It is also important to note that, “money is only a tool.  It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.”civ 

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