Benefits of Prepping 

It wasn’t too long ago that preppers; those people who we thought were hiding out in some mountain hut were the topic of many jokes. Little did we know, they were right all along. 

They weren’t living in the wilderness, surviving on wild berries and earthworms (which are edible if you were wondering). They were our neighbors. They were the people who fixed the leaking pipes in our bathrooms, represented us in court cases, fixed our cars, made our pizzas and prescribed medications when needed. Yes, preppers were everywhere. They still are!

These people saw that the season seemed to be changing. In fact, I wrote an article about that not too long ago. You can find it here. They saw that there was nothing wrong with being prepared for the unpredictable. They began to see that upheaval, caused by unpredictable circumstances, was becoming a normal part of life. Hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, economic turmoil and political upheaval seem to be becoming more common and more severe.

People sometimes tell me that by planning for unseen events I am being a force for negativity into the world. I disagree. As a Godly man, I couldn’t think of a better way to show my faith then to believe and act on what my bible tells me is going to happen. If you would like evidence of what I am saying please read 2 Timothy 3 and Mathhew 24. I will be ready for whatever happens and I will trust in God. The two work perfectly together. I will continue to be a light in a dark world as I prepare for that day when the world becomes darker.

So besides the real, spiritual benefits of being prepared, there are many other benefits of being ready. I have listed them below:

  • Reducing fear
  • Protecting loved ones
  • Helping others
  • Many more
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You should know what to do in the event of a tornado, terrorist attack and any man made or natural disaster.  You should be ready to evacuate or stay in your home, depending on the situation. You should be able to survive and provide for yourself and your loved ones without relying on others. We have become a society that is heavily dependent on our government to protect us and provide for us in an emergency… What if they can’t? What if they won’t? Or worse still, what if they see you as the enemy because of your beliefs?

God Bless

Michael at R2W

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