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If you have decided to live your life as a giver, then let me take the time to congratulate you.  Life is going to take on new meaning and you will begin to have an impact on your world in ways you may never have imagined.  I have experienced this changed existence and know how great it is. 

There are many types of needs; the needs of the world are huge.  In fact, when we look around, we see an infinite amount of need, very little of which is actually being met.  Besides the obvious needs to supply our less fortunate fellow humans with the basic necessities, I have found these needs: 

  • The need for peace in areas where there is now war. 
  • The need for food and clothing in third world countries. 
  • The need for strong friendships and families. 
  • The need for jobs, tuition and a new car. 
  • The need for belonging and purpose. 
  • The need for…the list is endless. 

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