Time to Start 

So you have decided to begin taking steps to provide and protect your family in the event of a disaster… Good choice!

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You might be wondering where to begin. I know when I first started working towards this goal myself, I felt overwhelmed. There is a lot to learn, organize and train for. The key though is to begin. It will get easier as you move forward. For now, don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. That is the surest way to fail. This is one area where you don’t want to fail. There are people counting on you.

Let’s be clear, you will be taking steps to protect and provide for your loved ones and property from a variety of  dangers and hazards. 

It’s important to pause here for a minute and think about  fear. You are not doing this to live your life in fear of the unknown. That is not how God intends for us to live. I started prepping, not because of fear, but because I have the foresight to see the truth… The world is changing! By doing something about it, I am being proactive; which actually frees me from fear. It’s the people who have been blinded by this truth that actually live in fear. They know that something is amiss. Everyone knows that, but pretending everything is fine is living on the deepest levels of fear.


Before: This is where we are now. As of this writing, life seems relatively stable. Hopefully it remains this way. So what can you do in this stage?

  • Acknowledge the risks and dangers.  
  • Develop plans for what to do. 
  • Begin to gather and store necessary supplies.
  • Practice using those supplies.
  • Exercise to get yourself into the best physical shape.

During: This is where we can find ourselves quickly by any set of unforeseen circumstances. It might be an incident of very short duration such as a power outage caused by a storm. It might be a terrorist attack or maybe a severe pandemic that will be longer in duration. It might be something that changes life forever. What do you do in this stage?

  • Put your plan into action. 
  • Help others. 
  • Learn from mistakes.
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  • Continue to improve.
  • Adapt to new way of life.


I hope this short article helps you to begin preparing for the future no matter what that may be. Do something today to bring your plan of preparation one step closer to reality. Create momentum.

Michael at R2W

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