Play is a key ingredient to success and happiness. Many people in society today have forgotten how good it feels to

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play in a significant way. I’m not talking about the movement required to roll off the couch in search of a lost remote control. I’m talking about the type of play that makes life enjoyable and meaningful. I’m talking about turning the TV off, shutting down the computer and getting outside to enjoy everything and everyone around you. 

Recently, I was drawn into a game of tag with my kids, nieces and nephew, who ranged in ages from 12 to 20 years old at the time. The game started off slowly, but soon picked up in intensity. Before long, I was running at full speed; having more fun than I had experienced in quite some time. The game lasted for several hours and we were all finally exhausted. That’s when it hit me: I just got finished with the best exercise session I have had since I was a kid. I didn’t even realize it either, at the time. I used muscles that I hadn’t used in years and probably never could working out in a gym.  That’s when I became a believer of using play to exercise. 

I am a big proponent of organized exercise. I believe that it helps to keep me growing in every area of my life. Organized exercise helps with your confidence, discipline, energy, spiritual growth and obviously your overall health. I think that everyone should have a structured exercise program, that keeps them committed and focused on

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achieving optimum performance and health; but now, after that game of tag, I am convinced that exercise in the form of play is equally, if not more beneficial to the human spirit. I felt better physically than I have after running 4 miles

and at the same time I strengthened bonds with family members that will last a lifetime. 

I was sore for the next several days after our game and I also thought about the possibility of injury, which would hurt my overall exercise program. Then I realized that the benefits I received from our game of tag far outweighed any potential risks. I always look forward to my next opportunity to play and always enjoy a challenging game of dodge ball with my kids. 

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