What Failure Isn’t

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As I previously discussed about what success is and is not, I think it is appropriate to have the same discussion about failure, before I move on.  If you are to experience any success in life, then it is almost certain that you will experience setbacks along the way.  In fact, the more success you have, the more “failure” you will encounter before, during and after that success.  Remember this and keep it in front of you continually.  Print it in big letters and keep it in front of you.  Refer to it often. 

Setbacks and losses are not failures!  If you are working towards definite objectives and have a clear vision in your life; if you keep yourself “fit” in all areas of your life then you will have very little to worry about when this “monster,” we all call failure, shows up. 

By practicing this program, you will be able to move past failure and into a world full of success, filled with possibilities. 

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A great example of failure is the apostle Paul, before he actually became an apostle.  He had everything that was important to the world.  He had power, money and what he thought was happiness.  Then one day he got knocked off his horseiv.  From there, to keep the story short, I will just tell you that he endured much “failure.”  The things that he encountered would have made most men or women give up and turn and run into their self made comfort zones.  Not Paul, he just kept moving forward, in spite of the pain and setbacks.  What he accomplished through all of that is success greater than any man on this earth.  For those of you who don’t know, Paul wrote the majority of the New Testament in the Bible (The number 1 book seller of all time). 

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