What Should My Diet Consist Of?

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With all of the different choices in food, it is sometimes very difficult to make proper choices.  Consistently making poor choices in this area of life is much more destructive to your overall health and well-being than you may have ever realized. 

We live in a marketing-based society, naturally every company that sells food wants you to buy theirs.  That is where many people run into problems.  They look at the commercials, the ads on the billboards and the labels on the packaging.  By their very nature, many of these are misleading and unfortunately, it encourages a lifestyle that promotes lack of energy and poor health.  As I write this section, I am thinking about all the times I have fell victim to the famous “Big Mac Attack.”  Maybe you have experienced this too.  You are driving down the highway and come across a billboard for a fast-food restaurant.  You think nothing of it in the moment, but a short time later, you want something from a fast-food restaurant. 

There are also the labels you run across in the grocery stores, that make all kinds of claims, many of them false or only partially true.  Later in the program I mention some of the examples.  I don’t need to mention them here again, but just be aware of them. 

On top of all of this, if you do decide to pursue a healthy lifestyle, you have an almost unlimited number of diet programs.  They all claim that they are the way to a lifetime of health.  The problem is that many of these programs contradict each other. 

Food is important!  Obviously, we can’t live without it but we also must remember that some of the stuff that passes for food today has no business being put into our bodies.  We must develop a sustainable plan that will give us the nourishment and strength we need to make our lifestyles healthy.  In this section of the program, I will share with you what has helped me and what I believe is a smart and sensible way to provide your body with the fuel it needs.  More important than what I say, is your responsibility to trust your body.  Your body is an amazing creation.  It always knows what it’s own nutritional needs are.  You just simply need to listen and give it what it wants. 


The more you eat what’s good for you, the better your body will get at communicating this to you.  No, your body is not going to start talking to you using words.  Your body communicates with you through cravings.  That “Big Mac” attack you had last week, might have been your body telling you that it needed protein.  That craving you had for a candy bar was probably your body telling you that it needed more fuel, which you could have provided in the way of much more beneficial carbohydrates.  It is your job to figure out what your body is trying to tell you.  You must “translate” your cravings into sensible choices, when possible.  It may be that you just wanted some fast food or a candy bar and that’s okay, if it is the exception rather than the rule. 

God Bless

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