Accept Generosity and Ask For Help 

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This often is an overlooked aspect of generosity.  If you live life with a spirit of generosity, then you have the right and obligation to accept generosity from others.  

Don’t forget to accept generosity from others. Many times, people who have learned to give have a difficult time with allowing others to do nice things for them. It is perfectly ok to accept someone else’s generosity, as long as you continue to do good for other people.  In fact, it is an obligation, because by accepting someone else’s generosity you are helping them to develop this critical trait. 

True success is generous!  In our culture today, we are constantly told about the “secrets of success.” In fact, some people who are motivated by greed sell this illusion to unsuspecting people who are simply looking for a better life. In reality though, there are no “secrets.” The ability for anyone to be successful exists, as long as they are following in their life purpose. 

 Also, if you need help in pursuing the mission you have been called to on this earth, find someone who is successfully following a similar path.  Ask them for help and guidance. They have probably encountered the difficulties that you are experiencing right now. They may have overcome those difficulties through years of trial and error. This could save you considerable time and trouble. 

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Truly successful people will be more than happy to assist you; to share with you what works and what doesn’t. They are more than willing to mentor you and show you how to get through the difficulties.  I’m not talking about the fool, who is out there, telling everyone how to do everything. I mean the quiet success, who is glad to help when asked.

If you ask someone for guidance and they refuse, then it’s very likely that they are not as successful as they appear to be on the surface. Our world is full of people who have put on a good show to impress others. So, if this happens, consider yourself lucky; you have saved yourself a headache. Now, go and seek someone who is a true success to help you. 

When you achieve success in your life, you have the same responsibility to give back and help others. When you do achieve it, make sure you remain generous about it. You can become the quiet success who is glad to help when asked. 

It’s time to begin accepting good things in your life. 

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