Episode 8: Out of Comfort

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Neale Donald Walsch said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” That statement seems to be more true today than at any other time in human history. With our faces buried in our phones, consuming a mental diet of electronic brainwashing and manipulation, we can get quite comfortable with our little spot in the world. After all, there isn’t much thinking needed to live a comfortable life. We are told what to think, what to watch, what’s “trending”, even what to eat.

We have come to expect a certain level of comfort in our lives. After all, that’s exactly what our hand-held masters have told us to desire and embrace. As long as we receive this morphine-like slow drip of the known, we stay comfortable and therefore paralyzed… unwilling or unable to life life to the fullest.

The end of your comfort zone, though, that’s a whole different form of living. It is the place where we go from the known predictable patterns of life into the unknown and unpredictable. When we choose to step over that line into the difficult and uncomfortable, well that’s where the living and winning is done.

So today I’m going to ask you some questions. Be honest with your resposes, Maybe even write them down and contemplate the answers over the coming days. Where are you living in relation to your comfort zone?

Do you enjoy a life where nothing changes? Or Do you wonder if you could live a life of adventure?
Do you prefer being told how to live? Or Do you prefer making your own decisions?
Do you hire an “expert” when something needs fixing? or Do you want to test the limits of what you know?
Do you believe you are ordinary? Or Do you know God created you to be extraordinary?

Most people choose to live in their comfort zone. They never seem to venture out beyond what seems certain. Maybe they don’t know that they can. They get comfortable and stop pushing on the limits of their dreams. The predictable comforts of modern life nave put their God given purpose to sleep. They are robbed of that vision God planted in their hearts as a child. They are told not to demand more of life. To just keep their eyes on their device.

Even in the spiritual unconsciousness we seem to live our lives, there is a hidden desire for more. More of the goodness of life; more of God. Inside all of us is a desire to get more from life. It has become buried under layers of complexity we should reject. Many of us are just afraid to do it. This is where some of us chose to live.

But for God’s chosen and awoken there is something different. It’s a deliberate attempt to run away from the spiritual jail cells that surround us. We get up every day trying to get away from the ordinary. We run from the comfort zones erected all around us; fighting with every essence of our being not only to keep ourselves free but to open the eyes of the lost and help them to their spiritual feet so that they too can join the fight. We enjoy the challenge of growing and getting better everyday. We trust that the fight and the struggle will make us stronger. We move with purpose towards the end of our comfort zone. This is where our senses are alive; where we live life to the full. This is where we are in the will of our Creator and Savior.
Where are you? Where do you want to be? Where are you heading? These are questions each of us must ask and answer for ourselves each and every day. We must contemplate these questions without the outside influence of the electronics all around us.

Learning to live a life beyond the everyday societal trappings of TV, internet, junk food, social media, and other influences that keep you down, is a life planned just for you; a life beyond your wildest dreams. Its a life of accomplishment, success and fulfillment. It is a life that isn’t always easy, comfortable or predictable but it is a life worth living. To find it you simply need to break free. You need to develop a God centered and directed self-reliance. realizing that you are a unique creation. It is a spiritual battle. Suit up with the full Armor of God and join the battle, until He returns.
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