Play is a key ingredient to success and happiness. Many people in society today have forgotten how good it feels to

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play in a significant way. I’m not talking about the movement required to roll off the couch in search of a lost remote control. I’m talking about the type of play that makes life enjoyable and meaningful. I’m talking about turning the TV off, shutting down the computer and getting outside to enjoy everything and everyone around you. 

Communication Basics

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There are many different types of people and therefore many different personalities.  There are people who are social and people who are not.  One thing that everyone has in common is our need to communicate.  The ability to communicate effectively is necessary for almost every endeavor in life.  We, as a society, have lost that vital skill and it’s about time we learned how to get it back.

God’s People Leave Legacies

What will future generations say about you?

Did you stand, in spite of the pain, to break a long standing generational curse?

Or did you run because the pain got to be too much?

No one will blame you for running. Most people do. I hope you at least pray for future generations. That things don’t get worse.

Having the strength to stand is unusual. I want to be remembered as the one who decided to stand. The one who broke the chains of the past.

What’s your choice?

-Michael @R2W


Here at renewed2win we are led by a God-given vision. There is a better way to pursue and define success. A lost and dying world, consumed by its own greed, comfort and quest for pleasure is falling apart all around us. The world’s definition of success has been so distorted and corrupted that  many people no longer know how or what they are trying to achieve. By rejecting the corrupt world’s model and learning to trust in God there is a path to true, attainable and lasting success.

In this vision of success it is necessary to prepare for outcomes that may be different than the day to day life that we have been accustomed too. It is necessary to develop a desire for self-sufficiency in life and learn to rely less and less on the false comforts of society and learn to challenge yourself everyday in the way you live and believe.

Current events are a wake-up call and that soon our live’s will change. Our priorities will change; our day-to-day activities will change. Whether this coming change is good or bad will need to be determined by each individual. I suspect that many will not like the changes that are coming. People have been conditioned to live in constant comfort and convenience. Sadly, that is not God’s intention for us.

This constant conditioning has led so many people into a state of spiritual and emotional oppression. It seems as though most people today are living a life of failure and misery that feels impossible to escape from. There is a way out. 

There is a spiritual war raging all around us. Are you ready to pick a side? By preparing yourself for spiritual warfare, you can overcome any challenge in your life. God has equipped all of His children to pursue and achieve their purpose in this life as we await His imminent return. We are here to help.

Are you ready to embrace God’s plan and vision for you? His unique purpose for your life?

Jesus is returning soon. Is it today? Is it next week? Next year? 5 years from now? No one knows and neither do you. God is giving us one final chance to turn towards Him in a lifestyle that He intended for us. Renewed2win exists to inspire you to a new life as we make these changes together.

We offer one-on-one coaching, group coaching and motivational support for you and your organization. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation and discover the truth about you and your world.