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Episode 11: Start With The Vision Renewed2win

Click Here to watch on Rumble Proverbs 29:18 says: “Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” As you can imagine, I  meet many disappointed people who have spent tons of money on goal setting and other programs claiming to produce positive results. They have attended seminars, bought the online programs and books; they may have even gone to a seminar or two on the subject. Maybe they have even taken what is commonly referred to as a “master class,” given by someone who is anything but a master and have ended up… frustrated, discouraged and hopeless! I was once among those same people who have got caught up in the goal setting and blind self-improvement frenzy that seems to have taken over our greed filled, selfish culture. There are countless programs out there that do a great job making their creators plenty of money but leaving everybody else broke with no direction; wondering why they can’t seem to make any forward progress in life.  I am absolutely convinced that for the vast majority of people reading or listening to this message, just setting goals  is a waste of time. Click here to watch on YouTube I’m going to tell you something. Listen carefully. It’s not a secret but the people who push those useless programs on the rest of us wish it was. Goal setting without an underlying life-purpose and vision doesn’t work. Oh, it may work in the short term, to get selfish things and objectives but in the end, it will leave you broken and confused. Goal setting doesn’t work because it is based on your greed, pride, ego and materialism. Goal setting usually means trying to create a plan to acquire more money, a bigger house and an expensive car and it usually means acquiring these things quickly and for the sole purpose of impressing others, These things, while all fine, do not matter to your purpose for being here, on this planet, in this society at this time. So stop chasing the big wad of money, big house, fancy car or whatever it is you are sacrificing everything to get and turn to what’s really important. Why are you here? Don’t spend any more time chasing after worthless things but instead start focusing on the truth that each and every single one of us was created with a purpose and a plan for our lives. Yes, that includes you! It is unique and it is yours. No one else can achieve your life-mission. As worthless and insecure as you may feel, there is a reason for you being here. When your eyes open and you begin to realize this important truth, everything changes and I mean everything. You’ll never be the same. You change, your environment changes, people around you change, your circumstances change. When you begin to realize this, your purpose becomes clear and in the clarity, you begin taking action. It’s here that you become unstoppable. This sets in motion a strengthening of faith and a trust in God that you never had before.You will become unstoppable. The reason you are on this earth is God’s vision for your life. You are not here by accident. The vision for your life is God given, it’s not created from your own mind or by accident. It is not what someone else thinks you should be or do. It is the perfect plan for your life that will give you a feeling of purpose.  It is perfect in the fact that vision isn’t about you at all; but about your Creator’s perfect plan for your life and how you are meant to have an impact on the world around you. When you discover your God-given vision, it will motivate you where goals have failed. It will change the way you think and the way you live your life. It will cause you to get out of bed in the morning, ready to take on any challenge because you know the strength and power of the one who stands behind you. Vision will give you the ability to overcome any obstacle and rise to any challenge that stands in the way to its achievement. Vision will never die but only grow stronger as you move closer to it!
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