My goal is to show people about a better way to pursue success. I feel as though the definition of success has been so distorted many people no longer know how or what they are trying to achieve. I have chosen to use my life experience and my desire for eventual off-the-grid living to show the world what I believe true, attainable and lasting success consists of.

In this vision of success it is necessary to prepare for outcomes that may be different than the day to day life that we have been accustomed too. It also includes a desire for self-sufficiency in my life where I learn to rely less and less on the false comforts of society and learn to challenge myself everyday in the way I live and believe.

I do believe that current events are a wake-up call and that soon our live’s will change. Our priorities will change; our day-to-day activities will change. Whether this coming change is good or bad will need to be determined by each individual. I suspect that many will not like the changes that are coming. People have been conditioned to live in constant comfort and convenience. Sadly, that is not God’s intention for us.

I want to document my transition from living a predictable life of convenience and comfort to a life of meeting the normal challenges of life with the guidance of my loving God.

Jesus is returning soon. Is it today? Is it next week? Next year? 5 years from now? I don’t know and neither do you. I believe God is giving us one final chance to turn towards Him in a lifestyle that He intended for us. I hope that I can inspire you to a new life as I make these changes myself.

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