Maybe everything you have ever believed doesn’t actually matter to what is truly real.


  • Selfish or Selfless
    God does not bless self-centered ambition. It doesn’t matter what you learned in church. Your pastor got it wrong. He …

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  • God Not Government
    If there is anything the past few years has taught me, it is the importance of being prepared. Since 2018 …

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  • Cloned
    You tried so hard to be different but you ended up like everyone else. Michael at R2W
  • Better Than?
    Sometimes when you stand in faith you don’t get answered prayers… You get something better! Michael at R2W

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My goal is to show people about a better way to pursue success. I feel as though the definition of success has been so distorted many people no longer know how or what they are trying to achieve. More About Us

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