The Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

“If you grow a healthy tree, you’ll pick healthy fruit.  If you grow a diseased tree, you’ll pick worm-eaten fruit.  The fruit

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tells you about the tree.”lxxxi  These words can apply to many different areas of life.  They are very true when applied to your health.  You will get exactly what you put into your plan of health.  There are so many benefits from living a healthy lifestyle that they are too numerous to mention.  I will briefly touch on the main ones here: 

  1. Increased Brain Function:  You will get smarter!  It will be easier for you to solve problems and you will improve your memory significantly.  This will make you more productive and increase your mental focus.  Your concentration will improve too. 
  2. Improved Relationships:  Whether you go for a walk with your spouse, or practice soccer with you children, you will be spending more time with them.  Planning meals and cooking also becomes an activity you can do together. 
  3. Less Stress: Life can be stressful.  Proper diet and physical movement help reduce stress.  You will be more relaxed in all areas of your life.  Your mood will improve and you will avoid depression, which will help you in every area of this program. 
  4. More Energy:  When you are healthy it is much easier to accomplish everyday tasks like cleaning the house or cutting the grass.  It also allows you to do tasks that may not be routine.  You will have energy to work on your whole life.  You will be energized throughout your day.  You may feel more tired at first, but that will go away as you continue to work on your health.
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  5. Increased Strength and Endurance:  Everything you do will get easier!  This will help with all activities from climbing the stairs, to opening a jar of pickles. 
  6. Increased Self-Esteem: Learning to get your health under control will have an amazing effect on the way you feel about yourself.  It’s just a simple truth that when you look better, you feel better. 
  7. Increased Self-Discipline:  Finding the time to exercise and following through when you don’t really want to, as well as taking the time to eat better will transfer to every area of your life.  This will help you with the self-discipline needed to follow through on the rest of these principles. 
  8. Better Sleep:  Your sleep will be much more rewarding.  This will help to keep you refreshed and better able to
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    live the rest of your life in a successful and fulfilling manner. 

  9. Less Disease and Illness:  A healthy lifestyle makes your immune system stronger.  It also helps to fight off many of the common diseases that people experience as they age.  When you do experience an illness, you will recover faster. 
  10. Improved Intimacy: It is clear to see that if you experience the preceding nine benefits, then this area of your life will improve too. 

God Bless

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