Episode 4: The Stumbling Block

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I was out early this morning in the yard. As I walked out towards the shed, I tripped over something. As I looked down, I saw it! That same piece of wood that has been there for several weeks. A stumbling block…

I continued on my mission to the shed. As I walked, I was reminded of all of the times I stumbled over that piece of wood. It was right in my path but I hadn’t done anything about it for a long time. This morning though, I decided to take action. I picked up the stumbling block and I threw it into the woods, where I would never have to walk near it again.I remembered how that particular stumbling block took its position. It was the result of my splitting firewood in preparation for the upcoming winter… something good. I saw a small chunk of wood fly off the side of the log I was splitting and I clearly remember saying to myself that I would pick it up later, but I never did.

So my internal dialogue began to focus on not only this particular stumbling block but on what other obstacle I may have set up in my path. My path of life. I began to think of the failures I encountered on this path of life. I thought about my early life and who I wanted to be, the broken relationships, the betrayal of those closest to me, the shattered dreams, the missed opportunities… the list goes on but I think you get the point.

It was quite an emotional and eye opening experience, out there this morning as I picked up this particular stumbling block and tossed it where my feet would never tread. I began to wonder what other stumbling blocks can I move from my path right now. I know I can’t remove all of them at once but today I can remove one… just one. To move all of them will take a lifetime but for today, I can focus on one… just one. Maybe tomorrow I can do two; but that’s tomorrow. Today I can move one.

It’s the same with you. You can take action right now. No more waiting, no more excuses, no more ignoring what has been holding you back. What people, situations, circumstances, habits, behaviors and past hurts are causing you to stumble? Be honest… it’s just you and God.

Well, if you’re like me, then I bet your list is quite formidable. You may have thought of turning back and ignoring these things that are holding you back from your true potential. These thoughts may have even stirred up some dormant pain or distant memories. That’s ok. It’s the first step on your journey to a new you.

Muster the courage to pick one stumbling block. What are you willing to let go of or move out of your way? You don’t need to pick the biggest or most painful, just pick one. One thing, that if you remove from the path you’re on, it will make your journey better. Don’t think too much about it, just decide. Don’t worry, tomorrow you can pick another. Tomorrow you can even eliminate two if you want, but for today just pick one.

Now that you have this obstacle before you, put it before God. Ask Him what you need to do. What actions you should take to rid yourself of this thing that has been holding you back. Most importantly ask Him to be with you as you take the steps necessary to remove it. Most likely it’s not as easy as picking up a chunk of wood and tossing it into the woods. Just do something! Just eliminate one!

Thanks for joining me at renewed2win. Remember, maybe everything you have ever believed doesn’t actually matter to what is truly real.

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