I Built A Contraption

I enjoy bird watching on my back deck… to me it’s a form of meditation. It’s quite, peaceful and relaxing. That all changes when the bird feeders are empty though. The birds let me know. Loudly! Persistently! I’m pretty sure they think of it as their duty to let me know.

Last weekend I bought a new feeder. I set it up and filled it with seed. That will keep those birds satisfied until next weekend I figured. No dice… By Monday afternoon the squirrels had it empty.

Those squirrels…. It’s not that I don’t like squirrels becuase I do. They’re fun to watch too. It’s just that, well, they eat a lot.

So today, being rainy in the morning, I built a contraption. Will it return peace to my backyard… I don’t know. I hope so.

If not, I’ll try something else on another rainy morning. I’ll figure it out.

Michael at R2W

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