We learn to walk by the time we are one; we learn to ride a bike by the time we’re six, about the same time we are starting school. We learn to drive by the time we are sixteen.  We get married, have kids and then retire.  We do this, most of us anyway, without learning about success.  I’m talking about real success.  Some of us may have learned society’s version of success and that is precisely why we are unhappy and unfulfilled.  Of true success, we know very little or even nothing.  Many of us never learn what success is and what it isn’t.  We don’t understand what failure is or what it isn’t.

If you look around at the world today you will see many people leading unfulfilled, unhappy and unproductive lives.  No one ever taught us about success.  There are no high school courses on the subject and I have yet to see a college course that teaches life-long principles that, if lived by, will set your destiny in a new trajectory.  Well, that’s what this program is about.  By going through this program and learning to practice this Principle alongside the other Principles, you will begin to uncover the life that was meant for you.  You will realize your uniqueness and finally realize that we are not living in a one-size-fits-all world.  You will uncover true happiness as you begin to realize success.

-God Bless

Michael at R2W

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